Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Behind the Scenes of The Tragedy of Rose and Jack: 100th Anniversary of Titanic


Reluctant to leave due to social status at stake, Rose is imprisoned by her fiancĂ©'s love for her and power itself. 

Models: Delaney Tubbs (Wallflower Management) as Rose DeWitt Bukater
Adam George (Wallflower Management) as Cal Hockley
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Horne
Video: Kaylynn Krieg
Assistant: Kaylynn Krieg; Ashley Kim

Heart of the Ocean

After receiving Cal's gift of expensive love, Rose contemplates the symbol that represents what the rest of her life will look like. 

Model: Delaney Tubbs (Wallflower Management)
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Horne
Video: Kaylynn Krieg

Unfortunate Artist

Making his way back to America by chance of winning a ticket through a poker game against two Swedes, Jack outlines his new third class acquaintances as they dance.

Model: Isaac Burge (Wallflower Management) as Jack Dawson
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Horne
Extras: Bill Mollet, Cody Cox, Vance Mollet, Jennifer Ellis, Isaac Stewart, Chris Mullis, Matt Clark, Spencer Davis & Courtney, Leslie Perrier, Natalie Caples, Austin Koval, Rachel Horne, Kim Culliton, Drey Kalkstein
When you watch the video, you'll notice Isaac wasn't there, so I had to photoshop him into the party image. This was shot at the Adolphus hotel.

The Affair

As the "unsinkable" Titanic slowly approaches her fate, a love affair Jack and Rose once thought would last forever transformed into a panic race for survival. 

Models: Delaney Tubbs (Wallflower Management) as Rose
Isaac Burge (Wallflower Management) as Jack
Hair and Makeup: Rachel Horne
Video: Kaylynn Krieg
Assistant: Kaylynn Krieg

The Tragedy

The forbidden love and courage of the affair inspires Rose to live a free life. 
(Alright, now you try to come up with a better caption that isn't too cheesy).

Models: Delaney Tubbs (Wallflower Management) as Rose
Vance Mollet (Wallflower Management) as Jack
Hair and makeup: Rachel Horne
Stylist: Ashley Kim
Assistants: Bill Mollet, Rachel Horne, Ashley Kim

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Victoria Clary Project

Being the mother of the photography department at the Art Institute of Dallas, Ms. Victoria Clary is a well respected, female role model. Her sweet and caring nature as an instructor/director has lead a bunch of us students to give her a gift that she can keep forever in her home, for she is no longer working at the Art Institute, unfortunately. This was a long and stressful process, yet it was so fun along the way! Blair (holding the L) and I (very far right wearing the H&M layered dress) wanted to make sure that each outfit was Vanity Fair worthy and I met with a few of the girls to pick out gowns. 

Everyone pitched in money for the letters and frame (similar to the one in the photo) and we ALL put forth effort into the positions and poses along with props. Olivia (far left holding baby) brought her beautiful baby girl, and she was such a good baby even after her bed time (this was taken around 7pm-midnight)! Not one peep! :)

When Kymberli (holding the R bottom right) and I met with Ms. Clary and gave her the photograph with the frame, it was all smiles and happy tears, I've never felt so proud of a gift :)

Starting from left, top row: Olivia and Layla, Brianna, Amanda, Shane, Donna, Dennis.
Starting from left, bottom row: Nikki, Blair, Natalie, Kymberli, Emily, and I (Nicollette).
(Sadly not everyone got to participate in the photo due to clashing schedules and well... I live pretty far from civilization and this was taken at my house... lol)

Photo of Clary by Kymberli Duffy.

Sweet Ms. Clary loved it, everyone! :)


Shopping with Blair
for a shoot! ;) (June 8)
Omgg I have to get this for the
Clary Project! :( $$$ (May 2)
Haha, Blair and I getting the scene ready while Dennis helps test out the strobe light in the sunroom. Pull up yo pants, mayne!

Hah, mean double chin @bswaggernaut

Olivia brought the supermodel!!

Dennis and Shane

Mom doing a beautiful job with Brianna!


Mama doing Emily's undo

Sweet Olivia ;)

How many Ai students does it take to fix the chandelier pieces? Shane doesn't know. 

We had to take the chandelier down since it was elevated in order to shoot my Titanic shot "Third Class" previously in the same room, but when the chandelier came down, a million pieces fell off! Scary! Sorry Ma and Pop!

This... now THIS is good soda.

Monday, September 3, 2012

But You're Still Here

I usually record behind-the-scenes using my Instagram: nicollette_mollet

 My hair, makeup, and wardrobe for a video shoot ;)

Setup for my next video project @meglfc35

 My super ghetto light diffuser... Gotta do whatcha gotta do.