Saturday, October 22, 2011

It's like "Drawn," not "Dragon"

Please play video for music ;)
Japanese Cherry Blossom Shimmer Powder from Bath and Body Works; Loft by Ann Taylor necklace; Target bra; Urban Outfitter earrings.

So how is it, that every "Megan with freckles" I know is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful? 

A week or two ago (I'm not too sure because I can't even remember what I did yesterday), Megan and Leslie came over and we had a fashion shoot! If only back in the day, when I would pass Megan in the hallway of my high school, I knew we would produce these lovely babies (...the pictures, I mean. Don't be weird).
She said, "Nicollette, I'd like you to take my photos so that I can build my modeling portfolio," and I said "Uh, OOOKKAAAYYY!"

Ahem, what do you guys think?
You're probably saying, "yes."

Megan: Keep it up, we both gotta try to make each other famous one way or another, aight?

For the people that notice Megan, and launch her career, it's Megan Draughon. Not pronounced "Dragon," "Drawn." Don't screw that up ;)

Check these out.

Urban Outfitters blazer, crop top; Victoria's Secret Pink leggings; Forever 21 necklace; Steve Madden suede pumps.

Urban Outfitters blazer, crop top; Victoria's Secret Pink leggings; Forever 21 necklace; Steve Madden suede pump

Urban Outfitters blazer, crop top; Victoria's Secret Pink leggings; Forever 21 necklace; Steve Madden suede pump

Scarf by Anthropologie.

Loft by Ann Taylor necklace.

Model: Megan Draughon
Photographer: Nicollette Mollet
Hair Stylist: Leslie Perrier

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

American Afrikinparel.

As much as I love most of American Apparel's clothing (well, quite frankly, a few select items), I must say, I am buhroke now. However, I am happy :) 
I finally got the two things I've wanted most, which is the Multi-Layered Reversible Petticoat along with the 3-D Flower Mesh Jumper. Cheeccckkk iitttt.

Meagan came over again and we had a quick shooty-shoot in the front yard :)

Pac Sun hat; Pink buttoned shirt & teal dress from H&M; Vintage boots & jewelry.

Now, leave me be. 
I must go scrape some pennies from the bottom of a well to feed myself.
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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Feel It All Around

It's three AM,
For a second there, I thought it was almost 4am because my laptop does this really dumb and annoying thing where it goes one hour ahead. For no reason at all. No matter how many times I change it. Anyway, I'm doing what I usually do at 3am, and that is search the web like a maniac and inspire myself to the point of delirium–I'm talking about eyes crossing in action.
Aside from uploading my stuff to Flickr (I figured it's about time I start trying to network more than usual, I'm tired of being unnoticed in this giant, tractor drivin', soccer mom lovin', anti-fashionable, hick town, Texas.
Meanwhile, I'm listening to movie soundtracks and the rain (there's not enough!) and I keep coming across old things in my enormous, brick of a hard drive that I have forgotten about!

Unfortunately, the video doesn't finish all the way through, I guess it didn't finish uploading completely? If you want to see the full thing, visit my Facebook and go to my videos.
This was Kaitlyn Holt's photo shoot that I filmed back in June. It was super fun, and we all pretended to be big shot fashion photographers/videographers! I hope you enjoy:)

To see some of Kaitlyn's work, visit her Flickr or follow her Tumblr! Kaitlyn's unique style contains a contemporary and nostalgic twist, sometimes portraying unidentified people doing every day life tasks and other photographs somewhat with this sort of style. It is obviously under construction, however, because I've seen millions of her pieces that aren't posted yet, so I recommend you go view it, just a taste! ;D

Photographer: Kaitlyn Holt
Videographer: Nicollette Mollet
Model: Leslie Perrier
Assistants: Rachel Bradford, Kimberly Beckner

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Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Secret You've Been Hiding, series 2011

Party City batman mask; Francesca dress.

Please, please listen to this video while viewing over The Secret You've Been Hiding, series 2011 to truly enjoy the feeling from the story.

As far as the story behind the mysterious photographs of the girl with the batman mask goes, that is up to you to decide. The mask is a dark, desolate, and maybe even mournful entity that is meant to represent a deep secret that the girl is hiding, and you will never see her real identity. A lot of thought and hard work went into this series, and I am talking hours upon hours. I truly hope you enjoy this contemporary series to the fullest of your imagination.

I also filmed this story (soon to be edited and posted!) and these next four photographs were meant to illustrate that of a film. They are both two different angles of the same moment, thus, coinciding with one another. 

Party City batman mask; H&M top; Hand-Me-Down Macy's Dress; Forever 21 shoes; vintage jewelry; Anthropology scarf.

Party City batman mask; H&M top, Hand-Me-Down Macy's Dress.

Meagan is such a beautiful person inside and out, therefore to me, she was the perfect person to use for this short series. She moves so gracefully (video) and acts the part so well, and not only that, she has such great bone structure, it is so easy to photograph her. All different kinds of movie soundtracks were rushing through my head while shooting her!

H&M dress; Party City batman mask.

Vintage jewelry; Party City batman mask; Forever 21 belt; a black bed sheet was used to cover my junior prom dress!

This specific piece is meant for the end of the series. She, taking off the mask yet still not revealing her face, portrays the fact that she may be accepting this deep secret she has been hiding, but remains hesitant. I mean, as the photographer, I'm still not even sure exactly what I fully meant by this particular image, but that was the feeling I took from this photograph.

October Chic Feed

Man, today was so fun! One of my bfflxinfinity, Meagan, and I went shopping today, and within one single short hour, she got the cutest stuff!

So... what did I do when we got home?
DUH!–I photographed her.

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