Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now's your chance!

Hello world!

Listen up! Blair Swaggernaut, as some of you already know due to my older posts, is one of my favorite people. He is one of the most deserving people and if there's anyone else that deserves to be a role model, it's Blair. He will do nothing but set a good example–and of course, provide you with entertainment! 
He should be famous for so many reasons, so please... do me a favor, and vote for him to become BET Awards Ultimate Fan! Just one click, thank you so much :)


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fever Dreamer at Trees in Dallas, Tx.

Check out some pics I shot at Fever Dreamer's show in Dallas, Tx a few months ago! Not only is Fever Dreamer a talented group of gentleman, they're all pretty awesome. I'm proud of how successful they've become :)

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Ashton, Leslie, and Daniel waiting in line.
Matt Clark (bass)
We found Bob again!
Matt Clark (Bass), Ashton, and Bob.
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Cat, Zach Eddleman (Lead Vocals) and Paul Grass (was the Drummer at the time)
Paul Grass (Drummer) and Zach Eddleman (Lead Vocals)
Matt Clark (Bass)
Paul Grass (Drummer)
Cody Cox (Guitar and Vocals)
Paul Grass (Drummer)
Josh Starling (Guitar)
Fever Dreamer
Zach Eddleman (Lead Vocals)
Matt Clark (Bass)
Cody Cox (Guitar and Vocals)
Paul Grass (Drummer)

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

You Sea Weslee, 5/12/12

With quite a ways to drive, Weslee and her awesomely "indigo" mother (haha, kind of an insider!) came over and we just had a blast.

I first spotted Weslee when she walked in a Carolina Herrera show for Dallas Fashion Week a few months ago and fell in LOVE with her hair. We finally scheduled a shoot, and I couldn't be more excited. These shots were taken with natural window lighting in my parents sun room–check it out.

Vintage wedding dress belonged to Weslee's Great Grandmother in 1912.

Dress from Forever 21.

Dress from H&M.


Weslee and her mom were awesome enough to bring extra clothing with them to shoot in and actually didn't realize that Weslee's great Grandmother's wedding dress was mixed in with some of the other dresses that were zipped up in a coat bag. I was SO excited and so interested. The dress was beautiful!

Painted the ship with an antique white acrylic and bought the pretty shell from Hobby Lobby :)
That store has definitely stayed successful thanks to me, SHEESH. 

The wonderfully talented Charleigh working on Weslee's hair! Girl to the left is sweet sweet Aubrey, there to help assist :)

Rafael working his magic on Weslee. Love him! I actually had a makeup artist planned for this shoot but was unable to make it at the last minute, so Rafael came to the rescue. For one thing, I live very far from... well, basically civilization, and Rafael was such an angel by driving a long distance just to work incredibly fast and drive back to make it to work in time. Thank you, Rafael! :)

Photographer: Nicollette Mollet
Model: Weslee
Hair stylist: Charleigh Caldwell
Makeup: Rafael Marsail
Wardrobe stylist: Nicollette Mollet

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As of right now, I'm looking over to the right of my blog page... and I see that lonely little lookbook widget, with 0 Fans... 0 Looks... 0 love... and 0 Karma. To be honest, I don't even know what "Karma,"means. 
How do people keep up with it? 

Someday I'll get a fan on lookbook! That is my ultimate dream! And if anyone wants to be my personal photographer, I'd gladly let you. I might even carry you in my stylish purse.
(Okay, seriously though, I absolutely love looking through the updates, getting inspiration, and seeing how people in other states and countries dress themselves, it's addicting).


I will instagram a super duper quick picture of my new hair! My mom did it, I say she did a pretty good job for her first ombré. Visit her website: www.zoylassalon.com

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For the love of Vance

Lately the 'rents have been drilling me about taking my brother Vance's senior photos, but I've been going nuts over trying to finish other senior portraits who've actually paid me...
So I finally decided to get it over with late last night–and literally–within maybe 10 minutes, we came up with these bad boys.

Now, after seeing these... all who agree that Vance should consider modeling as a profession, please say I. Modeling is absolutely a talent, it's not just about "looking good." Surprisingly, Vance moved to a different pose every time the flash went off. GOOD BOY! :)

Such Little Time!

I truly wish that I could post more blog entries and be able to network as much as I'd like to. Once I take school off for the summer though, you better get ready to read ya little heads' off, Internet world! >;)

So, once again, I'll will keep you guys waiting for the details... who knows, maybe it'll be months before you get to see all the behind the scenes and whatnot, I just need to find a time where I can sit down and DO DIS.

I shot with Lukas Moffett (from The Campbell Agency in Dallas) the other day, some of you may recognize him from Abercrombie & Fitch or Calvin Klein advertisements! Funny story, he actually used to live directly two houses behind me and his family still lives there, so it was cool getting to know him a little better during the shoot.
Here's a sneak peak!

JUST KIDDING! That's totally photoshopped, he looks nothing like that, HERE is the real sneak peak! ;)
Photographer: Nicollette Mollet
Model: Lukas Moffett (The Campbell Agency)
Stylist: Ashley Kim (www.stylebyak.com/) (www.stylebyak.com/) (www.facebook.com/StylebyAK)(stylebyak.wordpress.com/)
H&MU: Rafael Marsail
White Button up from H&M; Watch from Kenneth Cole; Boots from Aldo