Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Secret You've Been Hiding, series 2011

Party City batman mask; Francesca dress.

Please, please listen to this video while viewing over The Secret You've Been Hiding, series 2011 to truly enjoy the feeling from the story.

As far as the story behind the mysterious photographs of the girl with the batman mask goes, that is up to you to decide. The mask is a dark, desolate, and maybe even mournful entity that is meant to represent a deep secret that the girl is hiding, and you will never see her real identity. A lot of thought and hard work went into this series, and I am talking hours upon hours. I truly hope you enjoy this contemporary series to the fullest of your imagination.

I also filmed this story (soon to be edited and posted!) and these next four photographs were meant to illustrate that of a film. They are both two different angles of the same moment, thus, coinciding with one another. 

Party City batman mask; H&M top; Hand-Me-Down Macy's Dress; Forever 21 shoes; vintage jewelry; Anthropology scarf.

Party City batman mask; H&M top, Hand-Me-Down Macy's Dress.

Meagan is such a beautiful person inside and out, therefore to me, she was the perfect person to use for this short series. She moves so gracefully (video) and acts the part so well, and not only that, she has such great bone structure, it is so easy to photograph her. All different kinds of movie soundtracks were rushing through my head while shooting her!

H&M dress; Party City batman mask.

Vintage jewelry; Party City batman mask; Forever 21 belt; a black bed sheet was used to cover my junior prom dress!

This specific piece is meant for the end of the series. She, taking off the mask yet still not revealing her face, portrays the fact that she may be accepting this deep secret she has been hiding, but remains hesitant. I mean, as the photographer, I'm still not even sure exactly what I fully meant by this particular image, but that was the feeling I took from this photograph.

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