Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Feel It All Around

It's three AM,
For a second there, I thought it was almost 4am because my laptop does this really dumb and annoying thing where it goes one hour ahead. For no reason at all. No matter how many times I change it. Anyway, I'm doing what I usually do at 3am, and that is search the web like a maniac and inspire myself to the point of delirium–I'm talking about eyes crossing in action.
Aside from uploading my stuff to Flickr (I figured it's about time I start trying to network more than usual, I'm tired of being unnoticed in this giant, tractor drivin', soccer mom lovin', anti-fashionable, hick town, Texas.
Meanwhile, I'm listening to movie soundtracks and the rain (there's not enough!) and I keep coming across old things in my enormous, brick of a hard drive that I have forgotten about!

Unfortunately, the video doesn't finish all the way through, I guess it didn't finish uploading completely? If you want to see the full thing, visit my Facebook and go to my videos.
This was Kaitlyn Holt's photo shoot that I filmed back in June. It was super fun, and we all pretended to be big shot fashion photographers/videographers! I hope you enjoy:)

To see some of Kaitlyn's work, visit her Flickr or follow her Tumblr! Kaitlyn's unique style contains a contemporary and nostalgic twist, sometimes portraying unidentified people doing every day life tasks and other photographs somewhat with this sort of style. It is obviously under construction, however, because I've seen millions of her pieces that aren't posted yet, so I recommend you go view it, just a taste! ;D

Photographer: Kaitlyn Holt
Videographer: Nicollette Mollet
Model: Leslie Perrier
Assistants: Rachel Bradford, Kimberly Beckner

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