Thursday, March 6, 2014


Wowwy whoahwy whoa!

This past month (Feb-beginning of Mar) has been absolutely nuts. I told myself I'd take it easy after graduation, ha. 

Within this short amount of time, however, I have further learned of more reasons to say "no" to projects others have proposed to me and reasons why saying "yes" will benefit me in the long run if not right away. I've been shooting constantly whether it be a senior portrait session or a fashion lookbook and have spent countless nights editing, staying up until almost early afternoon then napping until 1 or 2pm–only to go back to editing until daylight the next morning. Some people only think I'm simply pressing a button, and voila! The deed is "done."

...But the aches in my back, the tenseness in my neck and shoulders, the cramps in my hand from editing, and the bruises on my knees from moving heavy equipment around don't measure up to the gratitude I receive from others for the work I've done for them. It may sound as if I'm complaining but the complaints are only temporary. The aftermath is what sticks around forever, and the bruises will soon heal. No biggie!

I do want to stress, though, that it feels so good to feel appreciated. Although I've been working with young individuals trying to make it in their industry of interest, like myself, most of them have found ways to thank me–quite frankly, that's all I ask. Just show your appreciation for the hard work I've done for you, and that my friend, is priceless. 

Times are trying, and I believe strongly in creating/building/maintaing friendships in this business, especially being so young. This is only the beginning. We've got to believe in each other. If I believe in you and your business, I'll do whatever it takes to make a dream of yours happen, even if it's just a single photograph. That photograph can go a long way. 

Photographs are forever and signify an era, a time period. They are proof/evidence. They can contain beauty. Emotions. A memory. A work of art [within a work of art]. Photographs are important. 


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