Friday, March 14, 2014


Dear High School Seniors, Brides, and anyone else who is willing to support me and my business in return for my services!: 

I oughta slap myself on the hand for not doing this for my previous clients, and I hope they know how truly grateful I am for them. However, from now on when you receive your disc of images, I will be packing them so nicely, you'll feel like it's Christmas. Yes, this does mean my prices have raised a few bucks in order to provide the tools to make the package, but my labor of putting it all together is completely complimentary. As clients, you guys mean a lot to me and it is most endearing when you show up eager to have your photos taken by me–so in turn, I must show you my appreciation. 

For inquiries about a photo session with moi, please visit:

Photos: Packaging for Sarah's senior portraits with surprises inside!;) 

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