Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Such Little Time!

I truly wish that I could post more blog entries and be able to network as much as I'd like to. Once I take school off for the summer though, you better get ready to read ya little heads' off, Internet world! >;)

So, once again, I'll will keep you guys waiting for the details... who knows, maybe it'll be months before you get to see all the behind the scenes and whatnot, I just need to find a time where I can sit down and DO DIS.

I shot with Lukas Moffett (from The Campbell Agency in Dallas) the other day, some of you may recognize him from Abercrombie & Fitch or Calvin Klein advertisements! Funny story, he actually used to live directly two houses behind me and his family still lives there, so it was cool getting to know him a little better during the shoot.
Here's a sneak peak!

JUST KIDDING! That's totally photoshopped, he looks nothing like that, HERE is the real sneak peak! ;)
Photographer: Nicollette Mollet
Model: Lukas Moffett (The Campbell Agency)
Stylist: Ashley Kim (www.stylebyak.com/) (www.stylebyak.com/) (www.facebook.com/StylebyAK)(stylebyak.wordpress.com/)
H&MU: Rafael Marsail
White Button up from H&M; Watch from Kenneth Cole; Boots from Aldo

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