Tuesday, May 8, 2012


As of right now, I'm looking over to the right of my blog page... and I see that lonely little lookbook widget, with 0 Fans... 0 Looks... 0 love... and 0 Karma. To be honest, I don't even know what "Karma,"means. 
How do people keep up with it? 

Someday I'll get a fan on lookbook! That is my ultimate dream! And if anyone wants to be my personal photographer, I'd gladly let you. I might even carry you in my stylish purse.
(Okay, seriously though, I absolutely love looking through the updates, getting inspiration, and seeing how people in other states and countries dress themselves, it's addicting).


I will instagram a super duper quick picture of my new hair! My mom did it, I say she did a pretty good job for her first ombré. Visit her website: www.zoylassalon.com

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