Saturday, January 21, 2012

Man Camp: A Documentary About The Misinterpreted Pursuit Of Manhood

Okay, so check this out. Hunter, Chris, Devin, and I decided to make use of our time during Christmas break while we were all home from College. Let me know whatcha think ;)
Oh! And before I forget... these videos are all ad-lib acting... I am not really a white trash wife named Janine Hwiski, that smokes... a lot.

When Kelly Bowen (Hunter Moore) and Chris Hwiski (Chris Vallejo) decide they needed to turn their lives around by finding the true manhood within themselves, they ditch Midlonothin, Texas and join Man Camp, instructed by Robertson Howard "RoHo" (Devin Rogers) down in Tippy Tit, Texas. However, Howard is left in despair as the two gentlemen completely misunderstand the purpose of Man Camp, continuing to live their lives destroying everything that crosses their paths, including their marriages.

Hunter Moore (Kelly Bowen)
Chris Vallejo (Chris Hwiski)
Devin Rogers (Robertson Howard "RoHo")
Nicollette Mollet (Janine Hwiski)
Alyssa Cortez (Neeple-Ann Smith-Bowen)

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